About Rose Hill Park

Rose Hill Park SHIMADA was opened in 1992 in Shimada City, a town where cut rose cultivation is extensive thrives.

1. Planted In the 9 hectares of grounds, are approximately 500species  from across the world are planted. You can also see roses created and named in Shimada and named for Shimada, including 'Miss Shimada’, etc.

Within the garden, visitors are invited to enjoy an elegant time within the garden in the variety of rose gardens, as well as in the grand greenhouses and tunnel greenhouses. 

Festivals are held in the spring and autumn rose seasons.

There is also a power spot within the park with featuring the relaxing effect of the fragrance of roses.

Enjoy discovering all kinds of roses as you stroll around.

Admission of guidance

◆Entrance Fee

May ,June, October,November


16 and Over 300 Yen (Groups 240 Yen)
7-15 Years Olds 150 Yen  (Groups 120 Yen)


December ,

16 and Over 200 Yen

(Groups 160 Yen)

7-15 Years Olds 100 Yen (Groups  80 Yen)




16 and Over 100 Yen (Groups 80 Yen)
7-15 Years Olds 50 Yen (Groups 40 Yen)

*Groups are of 20 or more people.

  Children 6 and under are free of charge.


◆Opening Times

May - November 9:00 - 17:00
December - April 9:00 - 16:00


◆Closures Closed days

Every Tuesday
  (*Open during May,June,October and November)
  (In the event that the If Tuesday is a Bank Holiday, the park will be closed the following Wednesday)
・  New Year Holidays


◆Park Facilities

Free wheelchair loan from the park ticket office (4 available) 
There are ramps within the park, so wheelchair users and those with push-chairs are can able to tour the gardens.

Toilets are located adjacent to the central plaza.

(Incl. baby changing and for the disabled-use facilities and diaper changing tables)

There are is also a separated location for men and women male and female facilities next to the greenhouse.

Toilets are also available on the 1st and 2nd floors of Rose Hall

(Incl. baby changing and disabled-use facilities)

Rose Hall is equipped with an elevator, so wheelchair-users and those with prams are invited to enjoy also able to use the 2nd floor restaurant.



Pet companions are allowed to enter Shimada City Rose Park Hill SHIMADA, however we respectfully ask that you carry them or place them in carts or similar.

It is not permitted to remove flowers or branches from the park.

Your understanding and cooperation is would be much appreciated.



Travelling by Plane: Approx. 30 minutes by taxi from Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
Travelling by Taxi:  Approx. 10 minutes by taxi from JR Shimada Station
Travelling by Bus:

Approx. 10 minutes by community bus from JR Station


(Shimada Station Bus Terminal: Bus Stop No. 2 Otsu Line Approx. 10 minutes  Get off at ‘Chou Koen-Bara’)

Travelling by Car:

Approx. 1km from Fujieda Bypass Nota IC


[Using the Tomei Expressway]

(From Tokyo) 

At Yaizu IC take the Fujieda Bypass and drive for approx.

20 minutes

(From Nagoya) 

At Fukuroi IC take the Fukuroi Bypass and drive for approx.

40 minutes

[Using the Shin-Tomei Expressway]

(From Tokyo)

At Fujieda Okabe IC take the Fujieda Bypass and drive for approx.

20 minutes

(From Nagoya)

At Shimada Kanaya IC take the Fujieda Bypass and drive for approx.

15 minutes 


◆Car Park Parking Space

Free Parking Fully Equipped

Ordinary Cars 450 vehicles Spaces (In addition to the park entrance car park, the neighbouring Shimada City Central Park parking is also available.)

Coaches 5 vehicles Spaces  (In Shimada City Central Park 2nd parking space)

Heart Rose

◆Hart Rose

A multitude of rose products merchandise is stocked provided in the Heart Rose store.

Please go and take a look.

Rose Hall 1F


Nota 1633-1, Shimada, Shizuoka-ken 427-0007 


Tel/Fax 0547-37-0577


Opening Times 10:00-17:00

(Winter Season  December to April 10:00-16:30)  


Closed Days  Tuesday

(On Bank Holidays the following Wednesday)      


* Open everyday from May, June, in October and November

WiFi Spots

WiFi is available for use free of charge within the park.

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